Foods For All Bulking Diets

Five Foods To Accelerate Muscle Growth

If there is something that’s very common among trainers, it’s their negligence towards a good diet. It’s true that a lot of people train hard and sacrifice everything for more gym time, but let’s face the truth – all that work doesn’t pay without eating the right food.

For many, getting their diet right is a tedious process. To address this very issue, I’ve come up with a list of bulking foods that should work for just about anyone. Take note!


670px-Gain-Weight-Quickly-Step-3-Version-2Although widely available, the debate about whether they are ideal for bodybuilding still rages on. However, recent studies have shown that egg protein is probably the most effectively processed protein that you will ever come across.

Pacing and heart rate issues are common to bodybuilders, and the intake of egg helps to solve that. The chlorine present in egg works to nurse the heart rate quickly back to optimal levels. Furthermore, the lactic acid present in our body gets cleaned up quickly too.


cottage-cheeseVery few individuals know this, yet curds or cottage cheese contain unadulterated casein protein – something that is very rarely found in other food items. They also contain a great amount of vitamin B and other imperative supplements. Casein is classified as a medium level protein, which implies that it is ideal for bulking.

This is valuable for individuals who like to go for long stretches of working out without eating in between.


10-fighter-diet-foods-for-cheese-grater-abs_cThere is no question about leaving out nuts if you are planning to gain muscle mass. They are an ideal mix of protein and fiber, which supply required amounts of calories without you having to cushion your waistline.

Did you know that one ounce of almonds contain at least 150 calories? The best part is that you can consume these anytime of the day regardless of whether you are at work or doing something else that is keeping you busy.

Protein Shake

images (5)No matter how well your lean muscle diet stacks up – it is still incomplete without a protein shake. After all, it is the foundation of every muscle building program. When you drink a shake that has protein and vital sugars before your workout, you are basically in the phase for an ideal muscle development session.

Studies have proven that a quick protein intake (in the form of a shake), quickly refills energy, manages creatine transport and enhances your body’s capacity to build muscles quickly.

Brown Rice

whole-grain-brown-riceCooked cocoa rice gives about five grams of protein for each intake – that is something great if you are a vegetarian. It additionally has loads of essential amino acids, making it very healthy for everyone. You could always switch to brown rice if there is no meat available at the moment.


My Opinion

If you’ve been working out a lot without noticing adequate results, chances are that you’re on a mediocre bulking diet. Your body isn’t built in the gym – it always starts in the kitchen!

It’s time you spent more time there instead of the gym. Eat well and eat plenty before you strain your muscles again.

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