Get Ripped Fast

Get Ripped: The Fast & Easy Way to Strip Fat and Look Lean

Before we dive into the much searched topic of “how to get ripped fast”, let’s be very clear that there are a host of different ways you can sculpt your body to achieve your desired looked. There are three key areas you need to consider;

Your Training

Have you planned and designed your workout to make sure you burning fat without losing muscle mass? Are you training the right areas of your body? Often we find people forget to put more emphasis on the weaker or less defined parts of their body’s, and wonder why they’re not achieving their gains.

A Good Diet

Arguably this is more important than your training….actually forget that – this is more important than your training. There’s no point working your ass off, if you’re going to come home after a workout and binge on fatty foods that will only add the wrong type of weight to your body. Sure, you need an element of fat in your diet, but this shouldn’t come from sweet food. Get your diet right, and the rest will start to fall into place.

Using Supplements

Here’s where things start to get interesting, not just because this can lead to a huge debate but also because the bodybuilding, weight lifting and fitness market is literally flooded with an array of different shakes, supplements and pills etc. Not to mention the taboo subject of illegal steroid use. There are many opinions about supplements but I think this is where you can really accelerate your gains and achieve mind-blowing results.

In this article I’m going to focus on supplements, and in particular some of the best legal steroid alternatives available and how they can turbo charge your training, ultimately leading to results you perhaps haven’t even dreamt of.

Based on quality in terms of “bang for your buck” and value for money, the legal steroid alternatives listed below are what I think are the best for getting ripped and looking lean without losing muscle mass.

Also, all of these steroid are taken orally….no one wants to go around sticking needles in themselves!!



Known best for it’s powerful fat burning qualities, clenbutrol contains Garcinia Cambogia and Guarana which are recognised world wide and found in many weight loss products and energy drinks.

Containing only natural ingredients, clenbutrol is completely legal and 100% safe to use. Used best when taken before your workouts, it can provide your body with more energy as it increases your core temperature and metabolism.


  • Extremely Fast Results
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Free Delivery!

Clenbutrol contains Citrus Aurantium which is known to be a natural substitute for the illegal banned substance ephedrine. You can replicate the impact…but safely without the negative side effects!




One of the “go-to” cutting agents for many bodybuilders around the globe, this steroid alternative focuses on muscle retention by helping your body produce and absorb more protein through a natural process called Protein Synthesis.

This is the steroid you need if you’re looking for that super cut and defined look. The power of your muscles producing and absorbing more protein, means you’re burning and cutting through the un-wanted, stubborn fatty cells!


  • Very Safe & Legal Supplement
  • Extremely Fast Results
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Free Delivery

The amino acids and ATP in this supplement, give a huge energy spike during workouts, pushing you a little further allowing more fat to be burnt!




This is a strength and overall performance enhancer, and by this I mean it increases your energy levels during exercise and gives you a strength or power spike so you can lift more, jump higher, run further etc, for the duration of your workouts. This all leads to one outcome….impressive gains!!

Winsol is an explosion of amino acids, which if you aren’t aware, are essentially the building blocks to protein. The more amino acids you have in your body means the more protein you can produce, therefore the more your muscles can grow and develop and the stronger you become.


  • Extremely Fast Results
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Free Delivery
  • Stronger & Improved Performance

Produced using only amino acid and plant based extracts, this is the best legal and ultimately natural bodybuilding supplement for killer results!




The name pretty much give the game away with this extremely powerful steroid alternative. It’s an incredible safe and natural testosterone booster and when it comes to turbo charging your workouts and your results you don’t need to look any further. This two primary functions of this steroid alternative are a) to boost power, and, b) to boost energy.

If you didn’t already know, low testosterone levels can seriously impact your training and your result. It doesn’t matter if you lift everyday and stick to a great diet plan, if you’re lacking in testosterone, ultimately your results and physique will suffer.


  • Super Power Boost
  • Increased Energy
  • More Confidence
  • Extremely Fast Results
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Free Delivery

Another key factor of more testosterone is the increased confidence and libido. You’ll be doing better in and out of the gym. What are you waiting for?


All of the steroid alternatives I’ve listed above are incredible value for money and the best quality supplement you’ll find on the open market today. Individually they all serve a purpose, to help you achieve you body goals, to look and feel amazing. If you’re looking for the ripped, deep cut look to show off your body in perfect form, take a look at the “Cutting Stack”, where all the above steroids are grouped together to give you better value and and even bigger bang for your buck!

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