Motivation Builds Muscle Mass

Are You Motivated?

It’s no secret that motivation and success go hand-in hand.  Don’t think so?


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a perfect example of this.  It well known that Arnold used motivation as a big part of his daily activity, whether it be in the gym when he was training, with his nutrition, when competing, or later in life when he became the actor we all know and love or even later when he became the governor of California.

What is Motivation?

The common description of motivation is, having a reason or many reasons for acting or behaving in a certain way.  Which basically means, you have a specific reason for doing something.


Thinking about motivation in the bodybuilding arena there are many reasons why motivation is so important and the motivation is pretty obvious.  I want to get bigger, my legs are too small, I’m carry too much body fat are all different types of motivation that drive us to train hard and improve ourselves.

How Results Impact Motivation

So by now you’ve been reminded of a true motivator and you know what motivation is…. But how do your results impact your motivation?  Quite simply, the better your results, the more motivated you’ll become.  Seeing improvement after training and eating right, is confirmation to yourself that what you’ve been doing is right.  You’ll feel excited, empowered and satisfied that you’re on the right path for success.

How Motivation Impacts Your Results

As mentioned above, motivation and results go hand-in-hand with each other, it’s very difficult to have one and not the other.  Imagine yourself after a heavy session in the gym, your muscles are sore and your limbs feel heavy, but when you see the results in the mirror….feels good doesn’t it, and you get the itch to recover fast and train again. So does motivation impact your results – 100% yes!


Does Motivation Build Muscle?

Speaking from past experience my answer to this is, absolutely yes! Arguably there may not be a one-to-one scientific link between motivation and muscle growth but the mental connection is obvious with positive results making you more motivated and the more motivated you are, the harder you train thus generating bigger and better results aka, gains!

motivation (1)

So this leads us to the underlying question and the reason for this whole article; are you motivated?  This is something we can only answer for ourselves as individuals as we’re each have our own reason for being motivated or even un-motivated.  If you’re looking for increased lean muscle growth this isn’t going to be achieved with limited or a lacking motivation.

You need to be able to picture or imagine yourself growing from each workout and use each small increase as the motivation to drive yourself forward even further, whether it be motivation to get your diet right and each the correct fuel or to lift heavy with each muscle group until you achieve your goals.

Final summary

Are you motivated – Yes! Does motivation build muscle mas – Yes!

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