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Increase Testosterone with Testogen

It should come as no surprise that testosterone is the main deciding factor in whether you’ll be successful in achieving your muscle growth goals. If this is a surprise then you’ve come to the right place, because in this article we’re going to guide you through the principles of muscle growth and how differing levels of testosterone can determine how big, and importantly, how maintainable, your muscles will be.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the original building block or the the virtual key to building and maintaining muscle. Primarily produced in male testicles, it can also be found in much smaller volumes in females. Testosterone is a hormone that’s produced in men and drives muscle growth, the deepening of the voice box, facial and other body hair as well as your sexual drive. There have been countless studies that link higher levels of testosterone to an increased level of confidence and sexual drive.

Are You Lacking in Testosterone?

This isn’t such an easy question to answer. If you’re a maturing or growing male, chances are you have high level of testosterone than someone who is older or of a more mature age. It’s natural biology that a younger man will be producing more testosterone as they develop as it’s essentially testosterone that helps us grow and develop from boys, teenagers and then men.


In your twenties and thirties, the volume of testosterone being produced by your body levels off to a more manageable level, otherwise we’d constantly feel like we were going through puberty!! If you’re eating right, hitting the gym regularly but struggling to make or see significant muscle growth, then chances are that you’re lacking in testosterone. Do you ever suffer from a lack of confidence or a lowering sexual drive, then again, it’s an observation that you may be responding to a low level of testosterone.

This isn’t all doom and gloom though. As individual human beings, we are all different and a low level of testosterone isn’t a bad thing – it just isn’t what you want if you’re trying to build on or grow lean muscle mass. There are ways of increasing your nature testosterone production without damaging your body or health….

What is a Testosterone Booster?

A testosterone booster is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s something, in this case a supplement, that will harness your current hormone production and boost your testosterone, thus help you build bigger muscles, faster and more sustain-ably. No, this isn’t a joke!!

A testosterone booster works by increasing the protein synthesis within your muscles. Put simply, your muscle produce protein from a) the fuel/food you eat, b) the exercise you do, and, c) the oxygen within your blood that’s being pumped around your body.

By allowing more oxygen to be carried around your body, your red blood cell count is increased which means you muscles and a) more fuel, and, b) a lot more energy. Add all this up and your testosterone increases, promoting faster, bigger ans stronger muscle growth.

Why Testogen?

Testogen prides it’s successful testosterone booster on four key pillars:

  • Testogen is Easy To Use
  • Testogen is Effective
  • Testogen is Safe
  • Testogen is Natural

As already mentioned, as we get older our levels of testosterone decrease – this is just a nature course that all of our bodies go through. If you already have low levels of testosterone, what happens?

6587807a4e7adf8cfe6e3ffd35fe6a3bThere are hundreds, if not thousands of products stating their product is the strongest and the best. The truth is, there are no magic pills or miracle cures on the market and many of the products available are untested, use harmful ingredients, are unsafe and can be damaging to your long term health.

Testogen is produced using only natural ingredients, so you can be sure that what you’re putting into your body is safe and understood that will almost immediately switch your body from being idle to producing more testosterone, building bigger and strong muscle and ultimately getting you back to the man you know you are or want to be.


What Can You Expect?

Put simply, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, a good training regime and balanced diet you can expect a body transformation.


Your results can be seen in a variety of way, like:

  • Increased lean muscle mass with stronger individual muscles.
  • A much higher libido, sex drive and all round motivation.
  • Your senses are heightened with sharper performance mentally and physically.
  • Health and body improvements –
    • Reduced body fat.
    • Slimmer and tighter waist.
    • Reduced cholesterol.
    • Lower blood pressure.

Clear to see that the carefully selected natural ingredients produce a very effective and very power testosterone booster wielding big results in a very safe and natural form.



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