The Secret to Successful Bulking

Successful Bulking

Bodybuilding is an art form, but to be successful you need to understand and harness the science behind it all.  Once you’ve mastered that, the rest is easy!  A major part of successful bulking is the food you eat and the supplements you add to your diet to give you that “something else”.  In this article we’ll go through some key foods that should be considered when creating your diet and the supplements that will help you achieve greatness!


First of all, let’s be serious….bulking isn’t easy and isn’t something that will happen overnight, it takes time, determination and serious dedication.  Setting realistic targets is going to put you in a better shape than expecting to gain massive muscle mass in a short period of time… a week!

Bulking Food Groups

I’ve often heard the phrase “Carbs to go and protein to grow”, and thinking about it, it’s pretty spot on.  However you also need a percentage of fats and fiber in your body to allow it function as normal whilst increasing your all over muscle mass.


carbs-for-muscle-buildingI’ve already hinted that you need carbs in your bulking diet to give you all the energy you need to be able to function normally as well as having the necessary fuel to workout and for your body to grow and expand.  Things like breakfast cereal which is an easy source of calories, bagels and bran muffins which are great for mass building and come pack with fiber.

When thinking of bigger meals throughout the day I’d suggest looking at sweet potatoes or butternut squash, wholegrain pasta and rice are ideal complex carbs as they’re great for mass building and filling your body with slow release energy.

Personally I always turn to bananas as a way of snacks because of the potassium levels they include and they’re a fantastic source of slow release energy between meals.


Protein-DietThis is the food source that helps rebuild your tired and ripped muscles and where the growth comes from.  There’s a lot to choose from and we all have our favorites but to play it safe you can’t go wrong with eating things like; white chicken breast, turkey breast, tuna, salmon or steak.

Green vegetables like green beans, peas, broccoli are also great sources of protein and I’d recommend eating one or a selection of these with each meal.



This is the area that’s often forgotten as people focus solely on their carbs and proteins and fats are left out.  This is one of the most important foods groups to include as it’s the fats the help breakdown and transport to nutrients through your body.  They’re also used as quick release energy stores throughout the day as well as before and after workouts.  Things to think of are; eggs, nuts, cheese, cottage cheese (high in calories but great for building) and peanut butter.


Best Bulking Supplements

There are hundreds of supplements available in today’s bodybuilding market so choosing the best bulking supplements or legal steroid can be somewhat overwhelming.  The legal steroid supplements listed below are bundled together to create “the bulking stack” that’s specifically designed to enhance your muscle mass gains!



This has grown in popularity over the last few years and has become a best seller for good reason.  With it’s muscle mass, strength and mass gains properties this is the ideal supplement to kick start your bulking cycle and the number one supplement that should be on your list.

By now you’ll already know that you need more protein to increase muscle mass.  D-Bal’s primary design is to enable your muscles to retain higher levels of nitrogen which is the fundamental building block of protein, thus kick starting your bulking cycle and enabling huge results.  Another reason to include D-Bal in your supplement selection are the strength qualities it contains.  When going through a bulking cycle, if you’re not training you’re only going to gain weight, getting bigger with D-Bal will enable you to lift heavier so not only are your muscles increasing in size but they’re getting stronger and stronger with each passing day!



b1c21fdcefa0a5d612f3675e739538aaAlso known as ‘Deca’, Decaduro is designed to give you increased strength but mostly it’s primary function is to boost muscle endurance and gains.  What does that mean? Essentially it means, if you’re training and lifting for longer then you’re ripping more muscles and making more gains!

This is the ideal supplement to stack with D-Bal to combine strength with endurance for the ultimate bulking results.  As well as being able to retain more nitrogen for protein production, Decaduro increases the amount of oxygen in your read blood cells meaning your body has more oxygen being pumped around it – this is where the increased muscle endurance is found.  More oxygen increases the ability to train harder for longer.  You’ll be amazed what can be achieved with being able to force a few more reps at each training session!



2177660e5c86a740849c871be47ec113Trenorol or also known as ‘Tren’ is what I would describe as the ‘all round bodybuilding supplement’ as it has qualities for bulking as well as cutting.  You might be thinking this is the wrong supplement to be using for bulking cycle but in fact it’s perfect what making sure you don’t gain or build on fat stores.

Purely including bulking supplement will enable your body to increase, strength and size but you ideally want to make sure that the increases in size are all in your muscles – Trenorol will help you stay “lean and mean” so you can stay in great shape as well as improving your overall size.  How does this work I hear you ask?  Well, Trenorol essentially mimics the androgenic effects of Trenbolone, giving you amazing strength and power gains as well as impressive body and muscle conditioning.  I side benefit of this all-round supplement is the fast recovery and healing qualities, and faster recovery periods = more time to hit the gym and train hard!



d2a9edf54bc877037d9c6d9b3a61facfArguably the grandfather or rather ‘godfther’ of all supplement and legal steroids.  This is where it all begins for bodybuilders, and as the general rule of thumb; the higher your level of testosterone, the better, bigger and more impressive your muscle gains are going to be.  Personally I’d add Testo-Max into all or any of my supplement stacks, whether for bulking, cutting or just maintaining a physique.

So how does this product work?  Importantly I’ll state this first, that this is a natural and safe alternative to and anabolic steroid and is made from the tribulus terrestris plant which produce the chemicals needed to increase your natural testosterone levels.  That’s the other key fact about this supplement, that it isn’t adding testosterone to your body but giving your body the tools it needs to create more of it’s own testosterone.  Therefore making it much safer as each body type has a different maximum level so you can’t have “too much”.


The Bulking Stack

I’ve listed and detailed the above supplements because they’re perfectly designed to assist each other and ultimately assist you in achieving your bodybuilding goals.


You can also purchase these legal steroids in one bulking stack from CrazyBulk, and purchasing this stack rather than the individual supplements can be cheaper.  The offer of buying 2 and getting the 3rd is also available on all stacks as well as the individual supplements.

This bulking stack is specifically designed to give you everything you need to increase you strength, speed up your recovery time, increase your muscle mass and ultimately make some extremely impressive bulking gains!


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